Delivering custom
solutions, EVERY time

The day your tube bender arrives is only the beginning of our relationship. This is the ITEC Difference that puts us ahead of our competitors. Our full-service team of tooling and application engineers is always on hand to resolve any issues that might come up. We won’t call it a “win” unless we know you’re delivering.

Take a look at some of our recently-delivered solutions.


ITEC Helps Bring a Key Component In-house

ITEC helps bring fabrication in-house allowing client to produce superior products then they had been receiving..

TubeWorks Means the End of Trial-And-Error Fabrication

ITEC provides a robust software solution to shift pipe fitting operations, dramatically reducing project time and complexity.

Simplifying and Future-Proofing Operations for Big Returns

ITEC has partnered with Star Technology and MTS to provide common sense work cells that allow a single operator to bend and process tubular components, safely, reliably and efficiently.

TubeWorks Turns Weeks into Days

ITEC provided a solution with its flagship tube fabrication software, TubeWorks. By using TubeWorks, Harco was able to process 200 tube assemblies in just two days including the time to learn the TubeWorks software package.

Massive Machine Delivered in Two Weeks

Within two weeks ITEC was able to secure permits (the machine weights over 66,000 Lbs. or 33 tons) for transportation, build tooling, deliver, install, and finally, train personnel on the new machine.

Experience Matters

Putting over 250 years experience building tube & pipe benders to work for you.