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How can we provide the best tube bending machines anywhere in the industry? Because we only partner with the best. Brass tacks: we are in business to deliver the best solution possible, and this starts at the source. The best machines are made by companies who have tested the limits while refining their craft and we’re delivering this knowledge to your project. In turn, the more we learn about our partners, their challenges, and the job at hand, we continue to expand our partner network to provide an ever-growing selection of top-of-the-line tube bending machines to get your job done.

AMOB / 64 Years Experience

Manufacturer of arguably the largest range of tube, pipe and profile bending and rolling machines in the world. From simple 2-axis NC hydro-electric tube and pipe bending machines to fully electric multistack boosted bending machines and some of the largest rotary draw and section benders in the world, AMOB has got you covered! Employing over 140 team members and relying on over 60 years experience, all of the machines are built in AMOB’s recently revitalized, state of the art almost 200,000 sq ft fully integrated manufacturing facility located near Porto, Portugal.

AMOB products are designed in their technical department by a team of highly-skilled engineers – they offer competitive solutions without compromising on quality. Over the years, AMOB has grown with our customers’ requirements and the market demand. They’re just as passionate about growing and developing our products as they are about their client relationships.

Star Technology / 49 Years Experience

Star Technology designs and manufactures CNC tube benders for processing, punching, deformation and finishing of the tube, special equipment and automation or control requests. They have always produced electromechanical pipe benders: our modernity, precision, speed, silence, safety, reliability and environmental respect have been proven to be successful with respect to traditional hydraulic benders.

Star Technology produces 4 different types of tube bending machines, which can be customized from 1 up to 14 electric axes, in order to meet any bending need. Thanks to their wide range of pipe bending machines we are able to work every kind of metal, from the smallest medical tube to the large oil pipe. Their solutions are highly customizable and, according to the customer need, is it possible to design special and totally personalized models.

Herber / 79 Years Experience

Manufacturer of a complete line of fully electric single and multistack CNC tube and pipe bending machines ranging from 3/4″ to 6.25″ capacity. The machines are designed using the latest technologies and materials while drawing on over 75 years of experience of building tube and pipe bending machines and are utilized in various industries and precision bending applications with a great deal of experience in automotive, aerospace, nuclear, and boiler applications.

We know that precision and flexibility are critical and that you must feel secure in your choice of supplier. For precisely that reason, we manufacture every machine according to the individual customer’s needs and requirements.

Dynobend / 33 Years Experience

Manufacturer of a complete line of unique fully electric single and multistack CNC tube, pipe and profile bending machines with “game changing” capabilities and custom engineered solutions. Dynobend’s machines and custom solutions are used in a wide range of industries with a great deal of experience and confidence in specialty applications surrounding “freeform bending” that others would not only no quote but more than often run away from. If its too easy or too “traditional” its probably not for Dynobend.

Dynobend combines engineering, mechanics, 3D software development, and the interaction between man and machine in a unique way. Whichever kind of bending task we are trying to realize, we will find the solution to go from bent semi-finished product to finished solution in the least possible steps. Doing this we realize complete solutions for bending and shaping, in combination with intelligently finished products.

Thoman / 43 Years Experience

Thoman has a proven history of building some of the finest quality and most capable tube, pipe and profile roll bending machines in Germany since 1981. Bending machines from Thoman impress with their outstanding flexibility, performance and versatility. Enabled by unique and innovative machine concepts, our customers enjoy real added value. A bending machine from Thoman often replaces two to three machines of a conventional design.

Thoman is the only German manufacturer to offer profile bending machines, tube bending machines and universal bending machines from a single source. In addition to the expansion and further development of their machine range, an important sphere of their activity lies in the development, production and testing of customer-specific bending tools and bending processes. They are not restricted to one bending process here, but can instead select the optimum bending process from a technical and economical perspective.

M.T.S. / 44 Years Experience

M.T.S. has been working with tube deformation since 1980. Our production capability includes: Hydraulic units and special custom work benches. High quality mechanical permit maximum production yield during operation and assures excellent repeatable results. Very rugged design and the use of “name brand” hydraulic components ensures many years of reliable performance. M.T.S. units are strong and versatile.

M.T.S. guarantee the quality and reliability of our products, from the planning stages and testing through the production trials and run-off. To assure the continuance of our excellent service, we carry all the spare parts and offer after sales assistance. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are the essential components on which we base our work ethics each and every day.

TubeWorks / 11 Years Experience

TubeWorks software extracts the necessary information such as bend angles and rotations from an imported part (e.g., IGS, Step, or Parasolid), for quotation or production purposes. TubeWorks is compatible with native SOLIDWORKS models as well as common IGES, and Parasolid. Once the LRA data is obtained from the geometry, the software can send the data directly to your CNC bender. Furthermore, it creates a flat configuration of the bend tube with additional automatic functionalities to deduct length due to elongation after the bend. Key features include extract tube specification, automated centerline creation, fully searchable tooling log, tooling recommendation, automated XYZ creation, automated LRA (YBC) creation, centerline total length, calculator automated 2D drawing, generation automated conversion of imported tube models into native SolidWorks models for CLR modification, flatten tube configuration, automated length deduction, and spring back calculations.

Manufacturer of the world’s largest fully automated laser tube, pipe and open profile cutting machines and systems, offering custom tailored infeed, outfeed and material handling solutions with 3/4″ up to 32″ OD capacity.

Hexagon has a proud heritage in metrology, developing new measurement hardware across a technology portfolio encompassing portable measuring arms, laser trackers, and 3D optical scanners, as well as metrology software and statistical process control (SPC) solutions.

FANUC America Corporation, is the leading supplier of robots, CNC systems and factory automation.  FANUC provides industry-leading robotics, CNCs, and ROBOMACHINE solutions. With over 25 million products installed worldwide, FANUC is the most familiar brand of manufacturing automation.

IRMCO tube bending lubricants have a strong affinity for metal tube surfaces, providing a micro-layer of lubricating film on metal surfaces during demanding tube-bending applications.

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