We’re here because we know you don’t necessarily need a tube bending machine, you need a solution to bend tubes. Yes, there is a difference, and we are here to help you find the perfect tube bending solution for your company.

The team at ITEC understands you don’t just need tube-bending equipment. Every call we receive is a chance to create something brand new and specific for you. We know you need a solution that will drive your business forward by solving the problems you have today while opening opportunities for tomorrow.

“Doing what’s right doesn’t have an expiration date”

Brian Julien
ITEC President

“Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best”

Matt De Steffen
ITEC Vice President




At ITEC, we bring on team members who embody our core philosophy: Treat others the way you would want to be treated. With this tenet at the core of everything we do, our team is enabled to work together and develop the best solutions for each of our clients.

We empower our team because People create Process.

It’s easy to make a machine more complicated than it needs to be, simplicity is a value we hold close. This is why we start with a blank slate for every one of our customers – it allows us to listen to their project needs and discover how they can best be served.

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“After sales service has been spectacular during our 13 years with ITEC. Honesty and integrity are a big reason we have had a long lasting relationship with ITEC.”

Total Manufacturing Company
Lincoln, Nebraska




We have yet to sell the exact same solution twice. With every new project comes new variables and demands that need proper solutions. This is why we work with industry-leading manufacturers who have a combined 250 years of experience designing the tools that drive the industry forward. Whether we are expanding our access to inventory or creating groundbreaking software that simplifies your planning process, ITEC is set on helping you shape the future of your company.

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“During our time of investigation ITEC’s attention to our true needs quickly stood out compared to that of other suppliers simply trying to make a sale”

Co-Line Welding, Inc.
Lynnville, Iowa



Our drive for innovation is fueled by providing the best solutions for our customer’s bespoke projects. A tried and tested solution takes on a whole new meaning when used on a brand-new challenge. This drives us to look for new tools and processes to deliver the best solutions to our customers – which is exactly what we did with TubeWorks.

TubeWorks software makes extracting manufacturing and tube bending data as simple as clicking a mouse. This groundbreaking software features machine simulation and CMM functionality. Whatever your need, we innovate solutions like TubeWorks to help you deliver on your project faster, under budget, and with a solution that you can count on.

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TubeWorks is a godsend! What used to take me 20 minutes, TubeWorks did in a few mouse-clicks! A project that would have taken me two weeks, took me two days and that included the learning curve (which was ten minutes, honestly).

Harco Metal Products, Inc.
Valley Head, Alabama

Experience Matters

Putting over 250 years experience building tube & pipe benders to work for you.