Generating bend data can be a costly, time-consuming pain that most companies would rather avoid doing. Even standard industry software like SOLIDWORKS can require hours of entering data and modifying calculations to get the result you’re after. Being a leader in the tube bending space, ITEC is always looking for ways to refine the process – and ITEC knows how quickly bend-data can become a drag on your time and output.

For example, Harco Metal Products, Inc. – a leading contract manufacturer for tube fabrication – recently met with a customer who had over 200 complicated tubular assemblies. HARCO engineers were given solid models – but no drawings – and were expected to replicate the assemblies without any bend data. Fortunately for them, ITEC has a solution.

Enter TubeWorks. Companies like Harco use TubeWorks to quickly and accurately create and process bend data from solid models with minimal training and expertise. Being an industry leader, Harco was initially hesitant to try new software – salespeople were constantly pressuring them to try out their  “silver bullet” solution that usually underdelivered.

The team at ITEC wasn’t interested in just selling TubeWorks; ITEC wanted to help Harco get the data they needed to deliver results to their customer. It just so happened that TubeWorks was the exact thing they needed to make it happen. Better yet, TubeWorks is an affordable solution that allows customers to execute projects faster and land higher-value jobs more often. More work means more machines, more revenue, and expanded opportunities.

Harco loved TubeWorks. The software enabled their engineers to get the data they needed in two days – a job that previously would have taken them two weeks and likely would have required hiring an additional engineer at the cost of at least $60,000. TubeWorks was the affordable solution that allowed Harco to satisfy their customer, preventing them from taking on additional personnel costs and setting them up to quickly process bend data for future projects.

Goals Served:

  • Inexpensive, “out of the box” solution
  • Increased ability to expand future revenue
  • Improved employee production
  • Reliable and efficient tube processing
  • Time and cost savings

“TubeWorks is a godsend! What used to take me 20 minutes each (create a 3D centerline sketch, manually copy and paste coordinates into Excel to generate bend data, import that table back into a SolidWorks drawing, and create standard three views), TubeWorks did in a few mouse-clicks! A project that would have taken me two weeks, took me two days and that included my TubeWorks learning curve (which was ten minutes, honestly).

Harco Metal Products, Inc
Valley Head, Alabama

Project Outcome


Harco needed to rapidly process more than 200 complex tube assemblies without the necessary bend data. Without the data, Harco was facing weeks of work and the need for additional staff.


ITEC’s flagship tube fabrication software, TubeWorks, was the exact solution they needed. With TubeWorks, Harco could process 200 tube assemblies in just two days, including the time to learn the TubeWorks software package.

Immense time and cost savings

Increase efficiency and quality of processing

Experience Matters

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