Even when it felt like the entire world was put on hold, the ITEC team still delivered because they knew their partners still needed to deliver. As the entire country entered into the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020, Delta Steel and Tube was approached by a major construction equipment manufacturer to take over ROPS production (roll over protection structures).

The manufacturer previously relied upon a vendor facing indefinite shutdowns from the pandemic and had no clear path to reopen. Delta had an opportunity, but they needed to update their equipment to take on the job. They reached out to ITEC to find the right solution, fast, to keep their employees working during a difficult time.

After listening to their needs, ITEC secured the required permits to ship the 33 ton eMOB-150 CNC tube bending machine. The ITEC team then swiftly worked to build the necessary tooling, deliver and implement all components, and train the Delta team to use the new machinery safely. ITEC worked together with Delta to prioritize speed so they could secure the new contract, keep their team working, and prevent their construction equipment manufacturing client from having to shut down.

All of this – from the first call to the first run – happened in only two weeks.

What made this process so smooth? ITEC’s access to over 250 years of knowledge in the pipe bending industry means we have the experience to deliver the right solution at the perfect time.

Goals Served:

  • Expedited Tool Design
  • Expedited Overseas Manufacturing
  • Expedited Delivery
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Expedited Installation and Training

“We needed a fairly special large capacity machine quick to capture a new customer opportunity, one week after signing the purchase order we had it sitting on our floor. Service and support has been great, in fact, we just ordered a second machine because of the excellent support ITEC has provided”

Delta Steel and Tube
Florence, Alabama

Project Outcome


The disruption of one business can cause a cascading series of supply chain issues down the line. Delta Steel and Tube needed the design, delivery, and installation of new tube bending machinery to secure new business and keep several companies working through a global pandemic.


Responding with immediate action, ITEC designed tooling, secured transportation permits, and arranged delivery, installation, and training of multi-ton tube bending machinery – all within two weeks.

Expedited design, delivery, and install

Immediate action and project movement

Experience Matters

Putting over 250 years experience building tube & pipe benders to work for you.